Friday, 30 August 2013

Reasons Why Females Should Watch More P0rn

It’s no secret that men watch more pòrn than women – for women to admit to experiencing pleasure in watching pòrnography means having to overcome the stereotypes about female sèxuality: generations of women have been told that pòrn is evil, that it exploits, objectifies and degrades women, and that any woman who enjoys pòrn is a betrayer of the female gender.

While there are still plenty of women who feel uncomfortable with pòrn, there are also plenty of women who beg to disagree and look at pòrn as a form of erotic escapism that should not be considered such a big deal.

It’s a prejudice to say that women don’t like pòrn, it’s more correct to assume that women don’t enjoy the mainstream pòrn that is made to appeal to male viewers.

However, with the recent emergence of pòrn sites that is geared towards females, pòrn that is made by and for women that focuses on female pleasure, I hope this imbalance is about to change because women need to realize all the benefits that pòrn watching can have on their lives.

I’m a huge pòrn advocate, in fact, I religiously watch pòrn every day – yes, I actually carve out time in my daily schedule to dedicate to pòrn. Why? Not only has it been great for my sèx life, but it’s also made me more aware of my sèxuality.

Get To Know Yourself

Men màsturbàtè regularly. Maybe once a day, maybe more often – but it’s no secret that all men màsturbàtè. There is no shame associated with it and the majority of men are quite open about it. In contrast, women don’t speak about màsturbàting. Ever. You never call up your girlfriend and be like “Oh hey! What am I doing? Oh, just watching some pòrn and màsturbàting. You?”

Why is màsturbàting such a taboo for women? We should embrace màsturbàtion and celebrate it. How else will you know what you like unless you explore yourself? Remember that episode in “SATC” when Charlotte revealed how she has never looked at her pussy with a hand mirror?

I mean, I wasn’t surprise because Charlotte was the type to not use a tampon in case she lost her vìrginity, but I am sure there are women out there who have never been up close and personal with their own vàgina.

Guys never hesitate to give you pointers when you suck their cock – you know why? Because they jerk off enough to know what they like. Next time some guy is going down on you, wouldn’t it save you both time for you to be able to tell him what gets you off?

Learn What You Like

Most of us have grown up with vanilla sèx. I will bet that your first time was in the missionary position, and the most exciting thing that you have attempted sèxually was the reverse cowgirl. Watching pòrn opens up a whole new world of sèx and sèxual adventures – anal, threesomes, gangbangs – just to name a few.

Without the magic of porn, how will you know that it’s possible for you to have two cocks in you at one time? It was through my frequent porn watching that I discovered my S&M fetish – WAY before “Fifty Shades of Grey” came out.

Without porn, I would have sadly spent all these years never experiencing the pleasure/pain of being whipped, the anticipation of getting tied up or the excruciating pleasure of nipple clamps.

New Tricks

My Husband would like to thank porn for all the new tricks I’ve picked up. porn is not only enjoyable, it’s also educational! Unlike men, we women can multitask, so while you’re watching porn and masturbating, it isn’t too difficult to focus and note down some of the tips and tricks from pornstars. Think you can’t deep throat? Think again. My motto is: if pornstars can do it, so can I.

Get in the mood

porn is great for those nights when you’re really not feeling up for sex, but you know that your boyfriend is either going to get it from you or from that whore he’s been texting. Women often use the excuse of not being “in the mood” – fortunately, you can get yourself in the mood very easily by watching a few minutes of porn.

Your guy will love it because not only does he get laid, but he also doesn’t have to invest too much time in foreplay because you’ll be ready to go.

Ladies – never be ashamed of watching pòrn – women should be able to enjoy pòrn with less guilt and not worry so much about what others will think. If you’re worried about what your man’s opinion? In my experience, the majority of men are intrigued and even turned on by the idea of women watching pòrn.

I’m sure no man will ever be angry at you if you’re late for a date and use the excuse “Oh sorry, I was watching porn and masturbating.”

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