Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Diddy and J. Cole Involved In Brawl At VMAs After-Party

New York Daily News reports that there was a brawl at the MTV VMAs after-party on Sunday night at the Dream Downtown, started by Diddy. Beyonce ended up being caught in the middle. The fight got worse then stopped after ninety seconds of shoving and bottle breaking around 1:30 AM.

A source said: "Diddy got in a fight with someone partying too close to him and his girlfriend [Cassie]. It was mayhem. BeyoncĂ© was yelling to stop and Jay Z was separating people and getting people away from her. We were all dancing and the fight breaks out, and it happened so quickly and bottles were crashing everywhere, and everyone was screaming. People got pushed into bottles. Then Diddy got up, took the mic and said ‘It's all cool! Ya'll keep having fun! It's no big deal, it's over.' "

Among those in attendance were Jamie Foxx, Pharrell, Justin Timberlake, Leonardo Dicaprio, Rihanna, Drake, Will.i.am, Russell Simmons and Busta Rhymes, who had a bodyguard.

Meanwhile, The New York Post reports it was J. Cole who brawled with Diddy at the party.

Another source said: "J. Cole was saying inappropriate things to Sean Combs and his girlfriend, Cassie. Sean immediately pounced. Some pushing and shoving happened. No punches were thrown, but it was a visible disturbance. A few bottles splashed to the floor and some partygoers were knocked over, falling on top of Renee Graziano from ‘Mob Wives.' "

Other witnesses said it was a 3 AM "dust-up" that started after several bottles of Diddy's Ciroc had been consumed. Combs walked out and seemed unbothered. He went to the microphone, welcomed everyone to the party and then wished Cassie a happy birthday.

Diddy commented on the fiasco on Twitter, denying it. He wrote:

J. Cole added:

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