Friday, 23 August 2013

Kanye West Talks Kim Kardashian: ‘She’s Worth It’ [VIDEO]

A sneak peek from Kanye West‘s much-talked-about interview on ‘Kris,’ the talk show hosted by Kris Jenner (Kim Kardashian’s mama), is finally out and Ye is not holding back on the emotion or his love for his family.

"I could have people saying this is going to damage your credibility as an artist or a designer, and I say I don’t care, I love this woman. Someone could say you know, 'When the paparazzi surround you, how could you ... everyone knows you don’t like paparazzi, but why would you, why would you be with this person? And I’m saying I’m being with this person because, you know I love this person. And she’s worth it to me. She's my joy, and she brought my new joy into the world. There's no paparazzi, there's no blog comment that's going to take that joy from"
“I just dreamed about being next to her,” Kanye tells Kris of his feelings for Kim before they started dating, going on to joke, “I don’t want to start jumping up on the couch or anything” (a la Tom Cruise about Katie Holmes on “Oprah” in 2005).
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Later in the interview, Kris asked Kanye what it was like to live amid the chaos of her house. Kanye said "It's like noise at all time happening ... I wasn't used to it, and now when I'm out, you know, I try to get home early, just to be around my family."

Ye went on to say that his grandfather, who recently passed away, told him to find his joy and Kim and baby North are that joy. “I love this person. She’s worth it to me…[Kim is] my joy. She brought my new joy into the world.”
According to E! News, the rapper’s full interview and the very first official photo of baby North West will debut on ‘Kris’ Friday.

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