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Saturday, 18 October 2014

RossFit - Rick Ross Dramatic Weight Loss

Rick Ross the boss shows off dramatic weight loss in his newly released pics

The Maybach Music Group chief has been working out tremendiously in his RossFit, His very own verion of the mostly popular CrossFit training program.

“I just wanted to get in some better shape, put myself in a better position,” he told Tim Westwood in May. “I still eat the way I want to eat…I just go to the gym. I do this shit called CrossFit. I call it ‘RossFit.’”

Monday, 16 September 2013

Female Fan Faints While Meeting Rick Ross (Video)

During a autograph signing in New York City this past week, in support of the Maybach Music compilation Self Made 3, a female fan was so excited to meet Rick Ross... that she fainted... or at least, pretended to.

"You so sexy," she told the hip-hop star while getting her CD signed at J&R Music... and then fell to the floor.

She's got right back up, blowing him a kiss and saying, "This ain't fake. This is real."
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