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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Sisqó Plots Comeback


Here’s a name we haven’t heard in a while: Sisqó.

The silver haired, dancing member of Dru Hill is ready to get back to music with a solo comeback.

Yes, that’s right, the “Thong Song” hit maker is ready to take on these new kids on the block and give the world what they really need, a “G-String Song.”

Not really, but he’s excited about coming back.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Eddie Murphy Talk on His Return to Music and the Stage

Eddie Murphy

"All I've been doing is making music," says Eddie Murphy. "I haven't been working on films, haven't been developing movies, or any of that shit." Truth is, though he hasn't released an album for 20 years, Murphy never quit writing and recording songs – he just stopped releasing them. But now that he's "semi-retired" as an actor, Murphy installed a recording studio in his Beverly Hills mansion and got to work. The result is "Red Light," a respectfully received throwback-reggae single guest-starring Snoop Lion, and a new album, 9, due early next year. He jumped on the phone last week for a rare interview to discuss his musical plans, which are likely to include a return to live performances, and an eventual return to stand-up, too.

People seem to like "Red Light."
Yeah, I think people had no expectations. It's always good when they have no expectations.

See Full Interview When You Continue....
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