Everyone has always wondered if Kim Kardashian’s butt is real! Some peopl never believed it was all hers. A source has confirmed that Kim Kardashian has had some work done to her butt. Check out the scoop.

S2S Magazine reveals:
Kim has been fighting claims that her booty is fake for years, even going so far as to have it x-rayed to show that she didn’t have any implants or injections. But in a new special issue of Life & Style, titled The Making of Kim Kardashian, a source stated that she has has some work done on her butt.
“Kim had lipo on her legs and the doctor moved the fat into her butt. That’s why it didn’t show up on the X-ray,” the insider claimed.
X-rays aside, Dr. Michelle Copeland said that the photographic evidence doesn’t prove that she’s never had her hind parts enhanced.
“It definitely appears that Kim had her butt augmented,” she said. “An implant has to be radio opaque to show up on an X-ray, so it’s possible she has a type of implant that would not be detected.”