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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Kevin Hart Helps Woman Get Job Back After Selfie Got Her Fired

Kevin Hart Helps Genesha Bradley-Douglas Get Job Back

There are some things you dont do on your job... And taking selfies with celeb is one of it.

Even though it was her fault for trippn’ off of seeing him and making the wrong move by taking a selfie with him on company time, Euroweb reported that all is well.

– Genesha Bradley-Douglas – a bus/shuttle driver for National car rental, saw comedian Kevin Hart at LAX and proceeded to jump off her vehicle and take a selfie with the funny guy. Unfortunately for her, one of the TMZ photogs, somehow as they usually do, documented the whole thing on video for the bemusement of viewers.

Well, as it turns out the suits at National were NOT amused. Nope, it didn’t long for higher-ups at the company to issue a suspension to Bradley-Douglas. After all, she did break the rules.

Kevin Hart, may be a lil’ funny guy, but dude has a big, big ol’ heart; he fought for Genesha to get her job back.

Hart personally made an Instagram video asking National to give Genesha another chance and by golly, they listened and did!

Friday, 27 September 2013

It’s Almost Here! Get Ready To “Ride Along” With Kevin Hart & Ice Cube (VIDEO)

If you follow Kevin Hart on Instagram, then you know he is always flexing. Yesterday, Kev took to IG to release the poster for his new comedy, Ride Along, co-starring Ice Cube and Tika Sumpter.

In the film, Kevin plays Ben, a security guard recently admitted into the police academy, who is looking to propose to his girlfriend, played by Tika Sumpter. The only thing stopping him is Kurt (Cube), his girlfriend’s hard-hitting cop brother. In an effort to impress Kurt, Ben decides to join him on an insane 24-hour ride-along.

Check out the poster, and if you want even more, be sure to take a peek at the hilarious trailer below. Ride Along is set to hit theaters this January.

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