Sunday, 22 September 2013

WOW! Gucci Mane Admits He’s Addicted To Lean And Issues Apologies (DETAILS)

So Gucci Mane wild out last week, calling out almost every rapper under the sun on Twitter and now he’s had a change of heart.

The rapper took to his Twitter again to admit he is addicted to lean and will be going to rehab. He starts by saying:

More Tweets when you continue....

Damn! Gucci says he is now incarcerated and speaks on his plans of rehab. He posts:

And then came another apology to a few rap fellas:

Although it looks like there’ isn’t an apology for his long time pal turned rival Waka Flocka, we’re happy Gucci is coming clean and plans on getting help.

We hope this be the end of the antics...

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