Lil Kim and Tiffany Foxx responded via Twitter after Weezy dissed Lil Kim about her plastic surgery on a song.
Somewhere on Lil Wayne’s Dedication 5 mixtape, the Queen Bee spotted a diss aimed her way. “Changed the face of my Rolex, shout out to Lil’ Kim,” Weezy rapped, nodding to Kim’s numerous facial alterations. Aside from promising some new music, she wasted no time in taking to Twitter to let him know she wasn’t having that.
Via BlackAmericaWeb:
D*mn you Lil Wayne. A verse from from the rapper on his recently released mixtape “Dedication 5″ has reignited the beef between he and Lil Kim.

Kimmy Blanco was offended by her name being mentioned on Weezy’s song “Columbia.” “Change the face on my Rolex, Shout out 2 Lil’ Kim,” he rapped.
Kim took to Twitter, to vent and tweeted the rapper:
Bwahaha!!! That was real cute homegirl @Lil’Tutu